Heart of squares

Only know how to knit squares?  Or crochet Granny Squares?? We have you covered!!!

Here’s the simplest ever method to make a heart-shaped object out of squares.

Step 1: Make a square – in a single colour, please, somewhere on the rainbow spectrum (as below).  Whatever size you like – use an even number of stitches (or rows if you’re crocheting.

Choose a colour from anywhere in this range!

Step 2: make four more squares in the same colour that are 1/4 that size (hint – cast on half the number of stitches you used for your big square, and knit half as many rows).

If you’re confident joining pieces up (you can use whip-stitch or crochet), join em like this:

(Artwork courtesy of HT. Amazing, right!??)

If you don’t feel confident joining pieces yourself, do this:

  1. weave the cast-on ends in, please!
  2. But you can leave a super-long tail on at the end – we’ll use that for joining 🙂

Here’s an example of singing a bit similar:

If you want to get more complex, you could consider:

A rainbow granny heart! Something like this seems to work pretty well:

I joined mine together using red and / or purple yarn, and (because my big square was red on the outside through purple on the inside) I used purple yarn to crochet DCs all the way around the edge too.

If you wanted a Queer Rainbow knitted heart, here are a few reasonably straightforward options:

If you were feeling adventurous (or if you loathe joining up as much as I do) you could even knit the large oblong and then use part of the side of that oblong as a casting-on edge for the other, smaller oblong…