Two things to note: first, this page is still evolving – stay tuned for more patterns, and CD-sized rainbow mandalas for fantastic shiny dangly things!

Second: if you don’t do patterns at all – that’s fine!! Go free-form!!!  Or if you are an amazing expert and have a pattern of your own that you’re dying to try, go for it, and if you want to share, we’d love to post your pattern up here 🙂 – just drop us a line 🙂

Super simple crochet granny circle

Written out pattern here:

A total beginner who knows two crochet stitches can make one of these 🙂  It has six rows, so you can make it single-coloured or rainbow-coloured, as you like.

Heart of squares

Are you a square-knitter?  We have you covered!!! Find the easiest method for making a heart ever, here.

Teensy Hearts

Image courtesy of Attic24

Great, quick easy crochet heart pattern. Find it here:

Knitted tiny heart

Image Courtesy of Loveknitting

You can find the pattern here:

If you need help with terms, give me a hoy.

Crocheted Mandalas

image courtesy of


Found on Gabby EEcheverria’s pinterest page – thanks Gabby!

Lacy Mandala image courtesy of attic24

Pattern can be found here:

This is a LARGE mandala!! Smaller mandala patterns coming soon!!

Here’s another big’un (but beautiful) – thanks Lesley for the tip!

Courtesy of crochetgalore

Pattern can be found here: . Don’t be put off by the seeming complexity, it’s all doable with three or four standard crochet stitches! (BTW I have no idea why the pic is in those proportions.  Ask someone who actually knows about web design!!)

Knitted Mandalas

Image courtesy of Linda Browning on Ravelry

Pattern: pdf download here.

Octagon Swirl Mandala

Courtesy of Manny Olds via Ravelry

Grab the pattern here.

Knitted Pi mandala – NB this is potentially several patterns in one, and it’s very very vague – but if you’re a knowledgeable knitter, you can make amazing things with it!! Like the mandala below:

Courtesy of Nettie DiLorenzo via Ravelry

Grab the pattern (or the method, I should say) here: