Our Makers’ Brief

We have a plan that should make for a spectacular, beautiful, high-impact result.

This is our Makers’ Brief:

Objects need to be:

  • SHAPE:
    • round and any size up to 60cm diameter, or
    • heart-shaped, any size from 5cm to 60cm
    • a single colour that falls anywhere on the spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple. Please bold rather than pastel colours!!
    • CHAIN – either a triple-strength triple-strand crochet / finger-knitting chain, or an i-cord if you’re a knitter.  Either in a single rainbow colour from the spectrum below.
  • ONE LAST REQUEST: please weave in all your ends.  We’re coming to crunch time, and if the ends aren’t woven in we’ll have trouble finding time to finish them, which means that they’re unlikely to be used, which would be a pity given the time you’ve spent making them!!

Any colour along this whole spectrum is great for a single-colour object!!

But what if I only know how to knit squares?

Yay!! Go for your life!!!! Knit one bigger square and four little squares in a single colour on the rainbow spectrum (as above), and voila – you have a heart.  Or two strategically-sized oblongs. You can join it together yourself, or leave that bit to us. Check this pattern for a full how-to.

What not to give us:

  • items in pale / washed out / pastel colours,
  • items in the following colours: black, grey, white, brown (or brownish-anything), pink, gold or other metallic colours,  or randomly multicoloured wool!

Talk to us before contributing:

  • giant things
  • items that aren’t round or heart-shaped (if they’re fabulous, though, we may well be able to find space for them)

Do I have to follow one of your patterns?

No!! As long as you follow the Makers’ Brief, you can do whatever you fancy!! Go crazy!!!