Get Yarnbombing!

PLEASE NOTE – closing date for contributions to the campaign is Sunday October 29. So if you are planning on contributing by post, get your contribution in the mail by Wednesday or Thursday!!!

Do you love to knit or crochet, or have you always wanted to learn?

In these divisive days, would you like to show your support for LGBTIQ+ Australians in a fun, tangible, creative, collaborative, positive way? Want to help create something big, eyecatching, highly visible and beautiful?

Here’s the go:

We’ve got the go-ahead to yarn-bomb a couple of high-visibility spots in the centre of Hobart (within reason and safety of course).  This is a powerful way of showing support for LGBTIQ community at this extraordinarily ridiculous time.

We have a plan that should make for a spectacular, beautiful, high-impact result.

This is our Makers’ Brief:

Please note – the brief has evolved!!

Objects need to be:

  • SHAPE:
    • round and any size up to 60cm diameter, or
    • heart-shaped, any size from 5cm to 60cm
    • a single colour that falls anywhere on the spectrum of red, orange, yellow, green, blue or purple. Please bold rather than pastel colours!!
    • CHAIN – either finger-knitting or chain-crochet – please use a triple strand for strength – or i-cord, if you’re a knitter, in one of the colours from the spectrum below.
    • ONE LAST REQUEST: please weave in all your ends.  We’re coming to crunch time, and if the ends aren’t woven in we’ll have trouble finding time to finish them, which means that they’re unlikely to be used, which would be a pity given the time you’ve spent making them!!

Any colour along this whole spectrum is great for a single-colour object!!

But what if I only know how to knit squares?

Yay!! Go for your life!!!! Knit one bigger square and four little squares in a single colour on the rainbow spectrum (as above), and voila – you have a heart.  You can join it together yourself, or leave that bit to us. Check out our patterns page for a full how-to.

What not to give us:

  • items in the following colours: black, grey, white, brown (or brownish-anything), pink, gold or other metallic colours, pale / washed out colours, or randomly multicoloured wool!

Talk to us before contributing:

  • giant things
  • items that aren’t round or heart-shaped (if they’re fabulous, though, we may well be able to find space for them)

1. Have a look at our patterns page to get inspiration for what you want to make.  There are patterns up for both knitters and crocheters.  NB if you aren’t a pattern-follower, that’s totally fine: just stick with the maker’s brief and go free-form!!

2. Sign up to make something on our Yarnbomb for Yes signupgenius page.

3. If you need kit (needles, hooks) or yarn, go to this page and we’ll sort you out!

4. Additional stuff you can do if you fancy it:

  • Come to a knit-in. Tuesday evenings near Cygnet (email Helen for the address), Friday evenings in Hobart at Salamanca Arts Centre, and two special large events on Sunday October 22 at Mathers House in Hobart, and Sunday October 29 at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Find out more on our Coming Up page, or like our FB page – or both :D.  Please sign up using Eventbrite, or email Helen. RSVPs are essential so that we can be sure there are enough chairs, cups, bikkies, needles / hooks, glasses etc!
  • Organise your own knit-in, or harness your existing yarn-craft group to knit rainbow hearts and mandalas for the project!  Tell us about it and we’ll happily publicise it through our Facebook page and / or our Eventbrite page to get you more bodies if you want em.  And materials, if you want em!
  • Sign up to be an installer.  This will be of vital importance to the project; will be immense fun; will mostly, mercifully, be indoors; and will involve stuff like:
    • At knit-ins:
      • sewing hearts and mandalas together in various strategic ways
    • later, on the ground:
      • attaching mandalas to objects
      • Some installing work will happen at knit-ins, but a lot happens on the ground, too.  Email Helen if you’re interested, and watch out for a signup page coming soon 😉
  • Share the heck out of the project on social media, email, by word of mouth.  Cast a broad net – engage your knitting pals interstate and overseas. There’s nothing to stop people posting stuff in from further afield!! And the bigger this gets, the more extraordinary the result.  It’s a great way to publicise and support the Yes campaign by doing something fun, connecting, gentle, and beautiful.  Quite the antidote to the poisonous atmosphere created by the survey!

One last thing:

  • In general, your contribution (particularly if it’s a standard mandala or heart made from a pattern on this site) won’t get returned to you after the yarnbombing, and we thank you in advance for your generosity and understanding that we don’t have the volunteer time to track individual contributions.  However, if you have made a glorious masterpiece (probably something that you’d need to consult with us around anyway) and particularly want it back, talk to us.